Deborah Ibem is a student of English and Literary studies at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. She has the dreams of pursuing a career in modeling and designing, she is very passionate about women and things that border on women marginalization and stereotype in her country. She loves to read novels, hang out with friends, surf the Internet, watch movies or cook. She believes that everyone should be given a fair chance to do whatever they want to do,we live in a world where Africans and African-Americans are discriminated against in various industries like the fashion, music, business and movie industry and Deborah aspires to attain worldwide recognition and influence to be able to combat vices like this. Deborah is a lover of creative arts, paintings, make up, sculpture, fabrics, etc. She believes that true happiness can be found in the little things like smiles, hugs, little gestures of generosity, love, companionship and friendship.