Loveth Larkat Gamde was born on the 19th day of March 1997 in Jos, Plateau State into a family of three children, of which she is last . Her parents are late prof. Mr and Mrs Gamde. In the year 2001 she had her heart broken for the first time, She lost her dad to the cold hands of death. Mum said everything was going to be okay but next thing she knew, they were changing schools from corona private school to government science school kuru. She knew deep down in her heart that a big void had been created and it will take miracle to try and fill it up.

Her early childhood was a typical middle class environment at kuru, a place at the outskirts of Jos surrounded by mountains and trees. Even though they didn’t have much, she lived a very happy and normal childhood.
In the year 2007, her family moved from their rented government apartment at kuru to their half completed flat at Anguldi: at least it was theirs.

Growing into a teenager was not exactly pleasant for her, not just because she didn’t have the prettiest clothes, but she was over weight. She weighed about 80kg at the age of thirteen and everyone around her never ceased to remind her of how fat she was.

She got into Plateau state polytechnic secondary school in the year 2008, She had become a serious book worm and had no friends: being fat and also a book worm wasn’t exactly the criteria for getting into a clique.
Her mum struggled and worked multiple jobs to make sure she and her siblings had a good life. In the year 2011, she got into one of the best schools in Nigeria, Federal Government College, Jos where she completed her Senior secondary school education. She met a lot of people, some even fatter than she was, so she was able to make a few friends, or so she thought. But that didn’t stop her from being serious with her education. She Graduated in the year 2014 as the best graduating English student in her set.

She got admission into the prestigious university of Jos in the year 2015 to start her remedial program and at the same time she was taking computer lessons at the National Center for remote sensing (NCRS), this was to further equip her for the course of her dream which was computer science. In her computer lessons class, she graduated the best and was offered a job whenever she was ready, but she wanted to further her education. Luckily for her and the fact that dreams do come true if only u work hard at it, The following year, she got admitted to study computer science in the University of Jos which she is currently in her third year.

While all these was going on, she lost about 20kg within the space of three years (2014- till date) and she is super proud of the lady she has become she is also working very hard to be a WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE that her impact will be felt in Nigeria and beyond , she is also currently working as a volunteer at Zawan Orphanage home Jos, number 57, Kashmiri road Jos, Nigeria and also standing as an advocate for the plus size girls which has been a lifelong passion. No one should be made to feel less beautiful. She has never felt less beautiful and powerful than She does right now as a contestant for the crown of the Nigerian Queen.