Ezinne offiah is a girl in her early twenties whose little experience in life has made her understand that life is not all about what you stand to get,but the life’s your able to impact in during your time on earth.she aspires to media personality,social worker and a philanthropist.she tends to achieve this through her study of sociology which would able her have a better understanding of people within their environment and the platform which winning the Nigerian queen would provide her.

She is fun loving,likes making friends,movie lover and an open book.Ezinne always try to see the good in people because we aren’t perfect and capitalizing on people’s flaw will only strain the beautiful friendship that would have existed,always considering others is what is known for,selfless to a fault and places everyone equally as she sees herself.

Ezinne’s life mantra is that if your dreams don’t scare you then their are not big enough. Also always bearing in mind that life is full of phases and each of this faces come with its own huddles and trails trying to pull you down and never let your self be drawn down by a face.