My name is Danmole Blessing,i’m 22 years old, I’m from Lagos state.
I’m the fourth child of my family. Studying Computer science in the National open university of Nigeria and currently working with Givanas Nigeria Limited as a National sales Admin.
I’m a professional makeup artist. I love good music, i love to dance, i love to cook and to spend time with my family and freinds. I’m a person who is easy to get along with, especially people with good heart.
My dream is to become a good will ambassador, and i hope to help others seek their greatest potentials. As there are four things i strongly beleive in life, this are, Education, Empowerment, Employment and impacting new skills to the less fortunates. I also belive that “When everything fails you, your qualification or skill will never fail you.”
My Inspiration is God, and the love of all the people who believe in me, and i hope one day to make them proud.