Obilor Joybrenda Ifunanya is an upcoming fashion designer and blogger from Abia state but born in Niarobi, Kenya and raised in East Africa up until 2012. She is currently pursuing a career in Agric and Bioresources engineering in the University of Nigeria,Nsukka. She believes a woman can do what a man can do without looking like one and that the power of being a woman lies in their femininity. She enjoys reading novels, dancing, watching movies, meeting new people, to mention but a few. Her mum was a missionary in Eastern Africa thus developing her love to help the less previllaged especially abused women. Over time she has been able to help three friends out of suicide, depression (after rape and molestation respectively) and an abusive relationship. If given the chance to, she would like to help more ladies out of such circumstances. She is often called “Mummy” by her friends due to her motherly nature, the reservation she commands and principles she upholds. Her mentors include Joyce Meyer, Bishop David Oyedepo, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, Margret Thatcher and her mother Obilor Kate-thelma.
She often says “True wealth is dependent on the number of lives you’ve touched/impacted before death.”