Fumnaya Clement (born on August 5 1999) from Delta state, hails from Asaba, well known by her Nickname “Ya black Ebony” she is a Nigerian model worthy to be called fashion’s icon……
She’s interested in modelling right from her childhood, she’s the last born in a family of three children, she’s very happy girl born in to a happy family until the life shows its tragedy side when she left her mother in the year 2005 August 5 on her birthday, the day she can never forget and also a vitim of rape so her father sent her to her Aunty, she was there till when she’s through with her secondary school at …… grammar school, she return home from her Aunty after her secondary, she has been an hustler, she’s not born with the silver spoon she worked very hard to see her father living cos her father is a victim of diabetes… she started taking responsibilities at the age of 16 and went to a school of catering and fashion she was done with the school and was working in a hotel. Fumnaya Clement has has seen life never seen the day her mum left her but her only made her who she is today, fumnaya Clement also have love for widows and orphans and she really working hard also to support them.