Otuonye ozioma blessing a proud lioness of the university of Nigeria, after her six ( 6) years in the Nigerian Navy school , gained passion for modelling. Her youthful days was fun filled and exceptionally amazing , her friends always describe her as easy going, social ,the girl with the good heart and a good listener. She loves to take pictures dance,travel, cook and make new friends. She aspires to pursue a carrier in medical radiography with the aim of using different forms of energy to diagnose disease conditions like cancer and osteoporosis which has been a world wide issue and also tell how best to handle the above conditions very fast to ensure better health care services in Nigeria. Otuonye ozioma is an extroverted introvert . who loves trying out new things and when she is not glued to her medical books ,she spends time surfing the net,reading fashion magazine and fashion blogs. She is the one who has a big dream and loves to reach big achievements which will create positive effect on our current society, her passion has always been her inspiration,they give her reasons to do her best, reasons to go for the best, reasons to strive for the best. Growing up from an average family has taught her hard work , desires and passion and also given her the experience she needed and this made her understand that life has something huge for everyone out there, so we shouldn’t let the world change our smile rather we should change the world with our smile.