Monica Odeh is a student of university of ilorin and a model. She aspire to pursue a career in business and hotel management.
Monica started business at the age of 13 where she made her first ₦100,000 at the age of 14.
She has a dream of starting up an agency that helps youth learn skills acquisition and entrepreneurship and she also wish to oneday partner and work with the Tony elumelu foundation Entrepreneurship Programme because it’s the largest African philanthropic initiative devoted to entrepreneurship. She enjoys been in front of the camera, traveling(touring),organizing and decorating, drawing,singing and surfing the web. Ever since Monica was a little girl she has always looked up to Mrs folorunsho alakija, she is her ideal woman, she has always followed up every step made by the business mogul. Mrs folorunsho alakija is Monica’s biggest inspiration and competition.
At some point in Monica’s life she said didn’t mind cleaning the shoes of the mogul just to be able to get hint from the main source of how to become a successful business woman.
Monica has a successful ushering agency with has about 40 young ladies working for her which makes it the biggest ushering agency in kwara state. She also has an upcoming skin care line and she also a business consulting agency where she gives advices on what business one should embark on and how to manage it and make it successful.But all this aside, her major goal aside from been one of the most richest and successful women in the world is to able to help people industrialize their God given talents because she grew up this mindset that “if the government doesn’t provide job for you, you provide one for yourself “.