Tharama Goodluck Ajoko is a beautiful,young Commercial model(Showbiz inclined)also known as Thara,She hails from Bayelsa/Imo state,who happens to be the only child of her parents.She is quite industrious and passionate about her dreams in conduct of achieving her goals in life.Tharama also is science oriented,who wishes to further her Nursing Career Abroad and attain a renouned BSC certificate in Nursing.She loves music and also is a good singer per say,She loves dancing as well,acting,swimming and most of all a very lively and playful being.Thara believes in becoming the better version of herself and not what people want her to become and yeah no one is above perfection.She believes that everyone has their own time and space and that Whatever God has designed as regards to each individuals time frame,we all have to live in accordance to it.Like they say;God’s time is the best.