I’m a final year student of the Niger Delta University studying English and Literary studies. I’m a freelance model. Im a future CEO, designer and a life coach. I am fearless and have confidence which could come accross as being cocky. I love singing, nature and make up. I am really friendly and hardworking, Godfearing, slow to speak, quick to listen, quick to forgive, im an introvert whose not afraid of saying what is right. I was born on the 24th of June and I’m the last child out of 6. My best colour is grey because it’s a mixture of white and black, the two sides to life , I try not to overwrite my past /bad experiences but mix them with the good times to get something beautiful out of life causeI love looking on the positive side of life. What makes me fearless is my uniqueness. My goal in life is to be a voice to young teenage girls, help curb teenage pregnancies and give the correct right of passage for young teens. This is because growing up I lost many of my friends to teenage pregnancies as they shied away from society feeling rejected , backward and hopeless, I grew up in an area where such a trend was a norm and society adjusted to it. I want to help minimize that And bring light to a preceding generation and this prompted me to join a charity organization called “food to the street” where we take care of the poor and annually, we host programs for the teenage girls talking to them about authentic femininity. We also go to the streets to help the less privileged. Giving is something I love doing and it keeps me going even when I’m pained. I believe that in life, you “have to hurt in order to know”, “fall in order to grow”, “lose in order to gain” because most of life’s lessons are learned in pain. This is a brief autobiography of me. Thanks for getting to know a little about me!