My name is Nene Alegimenlen. I am an optimistic, creative and witty person. I am a lawyer, I choose this profession because of my passion to fight for the oppressed and those being treated unjustly, and also because of my love for the arts. It was my passion to help others that prompted me to join Kiwanis Builders Club, in which I was the first president when the service organization aimed at teaching students the importance of helping the less privilege as well as equipping them to be well grounded individuals, first came to Nigeria from the United States. My hobbies are writing, photography, cooking and meeting new people. My role model is my mother because of how she overcame all the challenges in her life and is today a successful woman. My mantra is one I got from my mother which is ‘no matter how difficult life gets never roll over and die’. In the future I hope to be a successful lawyer who has made a positive impact in the world while juggling family life and also continue my work with charitable organizations.