The Nigerian Queen

Firstly we must not fail to express our overwhelming appreciation for your
continuous support shown towards the promotions
of talents, peace and youth development.


THE NIGERIAN QUEEN (beauty for purpose) beauty pageant is a brand from 001 Entertainment outfit, targeted at redefining beauty with a connotation of purpose, and with a sole aim of carrying out humanitarian activities. Our Pedigree for The Nigerian Queen pageant is a search of rare combination of beauty and brains, those impeccable young ladies that would uphold strong values, beauty, intellects and prestige. The Nigerian Queen (beauty for purpose) is a prestigious Crown that express the uniqueness of beauty and brain, a platform that develop potentials and talents, using pageantry as a tool for promoting peace, progress and youth development. We believe that change will come if we all command it from our own little corner; our pageantry platform also helps to provide a unique celebration/showcasing of our Nation different rich Cultural heritage to the rest of the world.

What drives us


To attain global ranking in pageantry as a unique brand that relentlessly help young women find a sense of purpose, put them on the right track line and gives them the platform to fulfill their life quest.


THE NIGERIAN QUEEN (beauty for purpose) mission is to discover and promotes young women with exceptional values and virtues, with a strong interests in humanitarian affairs that can influence her generation positively as well as those to come.

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